Distant Memories

At the end of great things that are no longer around, we box the remains. We box the photos and small trinkets holding significance, or the very first love-notes or tear smeared journals of the past. We place these belongings within the shadows of the closets or the deep corners of our rooms. In a way I wish we could do the same with memories, lingering thoughts of what once was. Tuck away first kisses and memorable embraces neatly into the pockets of time. Place down the feelings that still stray from distant trips and warm evenings with the sun caressing the lining of the horizon. The clouds wispy fingertips brushing against the soft sky and the moment ingraining itself in me. Those moments, those memories are the ones in which I so deeply wish to hide away in the shadows of my heart, or the deep corners of my mind. And maybe the way a warm rainy day brings out the urge in us to dig out banished boxes, a desire will also creep inside of us to unearth memories that once were.

Distant emotions attached to fleeting moments of time.

RIP Robbie. June 1988 – July 2009.


One response to “Distant Memories

  1. I posted this piece of writing in memory of one of my best friends, Robbie Gasiorowski. He took his life in June of 2009. I remember when I posted this to my Myspace way back when and he commented on it. He said something like “well said” or “you’ve got that right.” I deleted the post entirely sometime before his death, but now I really wish I could have it back. Just to have some sort of comment from him that remained. Often, I unearth memories of us together.

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