Betting on Buns of Steel

After my commitment to the Peace Corps application process, I decided that improving my health and overall fitness level is in my best interest. Health has always been a passion of mine. I have always been a bigger woman, and after battling teenage obesity, I made a goal to never let myself get to that point again. Well, of course, all things slip here and there in life, and fitness is no exception. So in an attempt to better my body before service, I am starting a fitness program. As I sit in my dimly lit condo, I fight the urge to eat any last hour snacks I will crave all month. Maybe it won’t so bad after all.

I have never tried workout videos before so this should be a real treat. I remember once, when I was younger, my Mom and I attended a Pilates class at the local gym. It wasn’t fifteen minutes into it that she and I were rolling around laughing while the instructor attempted to hush us. We were like two teenage girls, chuckling and losing focus in the back of the room. 5:30  A.M. looms over my head. I am headed to bed but will diligently report on my burning loins later in the day.


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