Thank Goodness When Your Face Melts Off, Your Soul Remains. Hello Land of Smiles.

Well, as one previous volunteer posted, we fell for the oldest trick in the book. “Cool Season in Thailand.” It doesn’t exist. Period. There is hot, hotter, and hottest. I gauge the heat of the day ahead on how long it takes for my face to melt off. The verdict is still out on whether I will get used to it. I am going to err on the side of no. In the short amount of time that I have been in Thailand, just a hair under two weeks now, I have experienced more than I am capable of putting in a short blog post. So I will cram the bit that I can into a post convenient enough to skim, for those who are curious .

Do not be misled by the picture of the sunrise in my photo album. Chaiseng palace was the hotel that we arrived at immediately following the airport. Not a palace, but nonetheless nice accommodations for the beginning of our adventure. We began with a slew of team building activities. I was immediately blown away by the competency of the Peace Corps Thailand staff. To say the least, I feel like I am in very good hands…


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