Fellow volunteers in my group wrote the following post. Their observations are accurate and the fears they share about the future education of Thais is real. None of us who live in the Kingdom are surprised, we’re merely doing our best to keep afloat the challenges.


Sometimes headlines tell you something you already know: “Thai Students Drop In World Study.” The Thai newspaper, “The Nation,” reports “While Thai teachers had ‘more’ degrees, most were not ready in terms of doing lesson plans and were not confident teachers. (only 50 percent of math teachers planned lessons, while only 47 percent were confident in their teaching).” and “The amount of time students spend studying was the main cause of poor performances.”

Welcome to my world. Raising the confidence of Thai English teachers and encouraging them to lesson plan is central to my role here as a Peace Corps volunteer. However, as you will see it is an uphill battle and a fight against a system which does not encourage consistency or regularity in classroom learning. stats

For those of you who like stats, here is a prime example. In November I was scheduled to teach a total of 17…

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