GAD Camp Teaser

GAD Camp Flyer

For a couple weeks I have talked about all the editing I am doing behind the scenes from my various events and activities in October. It was a busy month, indeed. With all that waiting I thought I’d provide you with a little video tease of one of my favorite events: Gender Empowerment camp.

I knew I wanted to apply for the Gender and Development committee the first time they started accepting applications. My first year of service I missed the application deadline, but had the opportunity to take my own community to GAD’s camp in October of 2012. The camp is called “Encouraging Choice, Empowering Gender” and focuses on how to prevent drug and alcohol abuse, practice safe sex, overcome stereotypes about gender roles, love yourself and respect your body, empower gender identity and equality for all persons, and raise HIV/AIDS prevention awareness.

Participants at Gender Empowerment Camp. Photo by Carly Collins

Participants at Gender Empowerment Camp. Photo by Carly Collins

The following video was a PROMO video for this year’s camp compiled from last year’s pictures. The photos were taken by Kyle Livingston, a former GAD member, and myself. The song in the video is by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert, a gender equality staple song at this point.

Let’s just say that the first year was so successful that one of the students I took jumped at the chance to attend as a student leader/co-facilitator this year. Oh yeah, it’s that good.


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