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  1. Sawatdee Julie, we enjoyed reading about your recent arrival in the Land of the Smiles in the local Cincinnati Enquirer. Let us know how you are doing. We met in Thailand 40 years ago and attended the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps in Thailand this past summer in DC, We met old friends, dined at the Thai Embassy and enjoyed speaking Thai.

    Tom Montgomery, Thai 35 (1971-1973)
    Ellen Burke-Montgomery, Thai 30 (1970-1973)

    We married back here in 1974.

    • I am doing very well Tom and Ellen. It’s has just been under a month since I arrived at my site. It is summer break right now so school is not in session so I am spending most of my time with family and neighbors. Tomorrow the Songkran festivities begin! I am looking forward to the activities. Glad to see you are enjoying my blog. Hopefully it resonates with some of your memories.

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