Where Did Your Love Come From?

Did it begin with that familiar laughter

we shared during those hot sticky days of our youth,

where it felt as though our bed sheets would melt into our skin?

With the quick snap, flash sparkle of a giddy child’s smile

as we twirled ’round and ’round in circles

hair bouncing loosely over our shoulders,

captured by the August heat.

It clung to the sweat  on our bodies

and glistened with a flicker of movement in the sunlight.

Taken into that moment when we weren’t anymore than two close companions

time slowed and the world’s sound was

drowned out by a silence that enveloped me.

I soaked up the moment like an aging wine breathing in the aromatic accents of oak,

taking in each sweet, slow moment with careful precision

and storing the feeling, scent and warmth into endless

mansions of my mind.

I know deep within not even a photo could capture those memories,

one day, not even a photo would suffice for remembering

where our love came from.


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