Petchaboon Family Thaication

As I sat editing some photos and videos from my camera I realized the large quantity of pictures I have from Thailand. Frequently, friends and family pester me to post these photos onto Facebook but for some strange reason I feel adverse to that. However, as I get more and more invested in my blog, I think it’s high time that I start sharing some of the visual wonders that I experience on a daily basis. I’ve had the pleasure to share my words with you, now let me spend a few posts acquainting you with the sights of Thailand.

The following video was shot in October of 2012 in the province Petchaboon, Thailand. The festival celebrated the unique history of the province. The performers reenacted a battle scene from thousands of years ago while females gathered to perform traditional dance. Students from the surrounding area proudly displayed the flags of the ASEAN community, an ever-present phrase in the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer because it is driving Thailand’s standards and modes of measurement at present.

Below are photographs from the Petchaboon festival and photos of my family vacation to the mountains of Khao Kaw. This is the same mountain I talked about in my post Lessons Learned From a Peace Corps Volunteer. My family giggled all night because I pestered them to join me in waking up early to see the sunrise. Their laughter came from knowing me all too well: I hate mornings. When I awoke, a wet fog had settled over the benches and a moist dew clung to flower petals and blades of grass. Despite my initial grouchy demeanor, this was one sunrise I am glad I didn’t miss.

Click on any photo to enlarge and watch in a scroll screen


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