Village Life and Student Outings: Just Another Day

This is an anomaly to me: sports day in Thailand. Now, I’m familiar with field day in America where energy-thirsty kids flood into the fields and later come home with grass stains, scraped knees and smiles made of dirt. However, sports day in Thailand means something a little different. As a matter of fact, many days that contribute to missed class days perplex me. For instance, you have sports day, merit-making, clean the school day, ditch digging day, testing for test-taking day, boy scout day, and the list goes on. When first arriving in Thailand, the days spent on “extracurricular” activities inside curriculum class time caused me great stress, but the revered Thai patience set in quickly and now is a way of life, among many other things.

Below are some of the photos of the myriad of things we’ve done as a school. The photos highlight sports day, a trip to the science museum, and I’ve thrown in some extras from an average day in the village. The sports day highlights the students’ morning parade through the market. Some of the village life highlights include my Thai grandma and the family making over 20 kg of sweet snacks to pass out to friends. We began with 8 kg of peanuts, 8 kg of various grains and sesame seeds, and unknown amounts of palm sugar.
In these students, I admire their ambition in the wake of a changing world. I admire their unwavering youthful merriment. I admire their convictions of retaining the beauty of a simplistic culture.


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