Weekly Wednesday Gallery: Children Can Change the World

Students Practicum

Need a little inspiration? Need a little faith in humanity to get your New Year’s started off right? Need a reminder why we always try to make this world a better place? For me, it never takes any more than looking to children to help me see with a simpler, kinder set of eyes. Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Gallery (on Friday!).

It’s a pretty simple theory: anything that whittles the world down into a smaller, more intimate and manageable size does the soul good. We regain our balance from anything that forces us to slow down and focus our awareness on the little things in life. These are my little things: my photos from my 2-year Peace Corps experience. Each week I choose a small sample of photos and share them with you. I just choose the gems and you take what you can from them.

This week, I focus on one of life’s most precious things: children. If it weren’t for them, my Peace Corps service and the love I’ve learned of would have been entirely incomplete. Without further adieu…meet my children.


Enjoy. Happy traveling to all the wanderers out there. And for those who’ve found that their heart lies at home, like myself, try to look at your world with a new set of eyes each day. It’s never the same as it was and it will never be the same again.

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