Weekly Wednesday Gallery: My Sunsets are Better Than Yours

Banana Rock with the Boys on Koh Tao
Banana Rock with the Boys on Koh Tao

This week, on WWG, I bring you “My Sunsets Are Better Than Yours,” actually on a Wednesday this week. Yay! I’ve been incredibly lucky since Peace Corps placed me in a tropical paradise. Mind you, I live very far from said paradise, over 12 hours away. However, that doesn’t stop me from snagging scuba diving trips whenever I have the chance. My good friend Rory is the main dive instructor at an amazing dive shop in Southern Thailand and I’ve come across some pretty incredible people there. We’ve built some lasting friendships, shared some stories over the moonlit sea, and watched some breathtaking sunsets together sitting atop bungalows resting on rocks.

Feel free to catch a PADI scuba course. Email Rory at divinginfo@nangyuan.com to get something amazing set up. Tell him you were reading Julia’s blog then laugh at some strange shared stories. He’s a story man. You’ll talk for hours.

ABOUT WEEKLY WEDNESDAY GALLERY: It’s a pretty simple theory: anything that whittles the world down into a smaller, more intimate and manageable size does the soul good. We regain our balance from anything that forces us to slow down and focus our awareness on the little things in life. These are my little things: my photos from my 2-year Peace Corps experience. Each week I choose a small sample of photos and share them with you. I choose the gems. You take what you can from them.



Looking out of the bungalow as the sun sets.

That’s me! I’m at my second home on Koh Nang Yuan after a long day of diving for my Advanced PADI certification last May 2013.

Blue hues and sunset views overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.

My very good friend Marc as we all sat, mesmerized by the gorgeous sunset.

My main man Moosa, a delightful Israeli with dreads, visits Thailand for some diving.

Did I mention the dreads? Here they are in all their sunset glory.

Moosa and Mama, the most photographed cat I’ve ever met.

Absolutely breathtaking sunset from the shore of Koh Nang Yuan.


A little longtail fishing boat at sunset on June Juea Bay on Koh Tao, Thailand.

Some more classic sunset choices from places like Angkor Wat in Cambodia. CLICK TO VIEW IN GALLERY MODE WITH CAPTIONS

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2 responses to “Weekly Wednesday Gallery: My Sunsets are Better Than Yours

  1. Whenever I’m feeling bummed in Isaan, I can look at these and remember I’m only a bus ride away 🙂 Well…3 bus rides and a couple of boats, but still.

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