WWG: Officially in a Relationship with Cats – The Album

Recently, in Julia’s world, I made the big social media relationship status leap. I clicked that little button that said “In a Relationship,” uploaded a photo of my feline friend, and told the world that I was getting a head start on my cat-lady years. Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially in a relationship… with cats. No shame. So this week, on Weekly Wednesday Gallery (on Monday because I was too excited to wait), I bring you “Officially in a Relationship with Cats – The Album.”

As a matter of fact, I’m in a polyamorous relationship, unable to choose just one furry, feline friend. I love them all. My good friend, Carly Collins, had the pleasure of capturing these mammals at their finest. She’s one hell of a photographer, one hell of a friend, and a cat lover to boot. Just assume she took all the photos unless otherwise stated. Without further adieu, let’s look at a lesbian’s best friend: cats. Lots of them.

ABOUT WEEKLY WEDNESDAY GALLERY: It’s a pretty simple theory: anything that whittles the world down into a smaller, more intimate and manageable size does the soul good. We regain our balance from anything that forces us to slow down and focus our awareness on the little things in life. These are my little things: my photos from my 2-year Peace Corps experience. Each week I choose a small sample of photos and share them with you. I choose the gems. You take what you can from them.

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